Poem ‘Trust’


It seems these days we don’t know who we can trust,

Not those we respected, with powerful jobs to earn their crust,

Now it is routine to hear of a scandal,

It seems the power they own, they don’t know how to handle,

More and more wealth they want to gain,

Whilst disbelief and despair are all that remain,

From the innocent parties who have been affected,

Whose needs and rights have been neglected,

They have no second thought of their behaviour,

As they all stick together and pull in favours,

When all is found out their respect is lost,

And all becomes apparent of the cost,

A horrid tumult of so much deceit

Those who were close quickly retreat,

To remove themselves from the confusing tangle,

Which if caught up in could easily strangle,

Of their careers and future this will be the end,

Too much damage caused that cannot mend,

Of these villains and crooks we want to be free,

But should also be aware of what we can see,

Because our views and perspective don’t see perfection,

For all that we see is from us a reflection.



Poem ‘Perfect Moment’

Perfect Moment

During the times when you reflect,

Do you feel sadness and regret,

Of dreams you had but did not follow,

For all the decisions you ever took,

Were made in the moment when you could look,

At all the options which were available to you,

With inner knowing you really knew,

The way forward for your soul’s needs,

To gain in knowledge and plant new seeds,

To follow this path and where it leads,

Out of love, not out of greed,

So please, when you look back and reflect,

Know that each moment was always perfect.


I wrote this poem after reflecting on some past event. it is so easy to look back on the past and judge yourself badly for making the wrong choice. But, all our choices lead us to where we are now. That’s a good thing.

It’s not always easy when you’re dealing with a challenge to see everything from the bigger picture. We always make what we feel is the right decision at the time. It’s very important to accept this and not give ourselves a hard time for it!

Poem ‘Not A Possession’

Not A Possession

I am my own person, I am not a possession,

I will not be paraded as if in a procession,

All my decisions are mine alone,

My choice of partner, career and home,

I live in Love, not in fear,

My path ahead is bright and clear,

If you have a problem with what I do,

The problem is not mine, it lies with you,

Through all my challenges I make my own way,

I will not be put off course by what you say,

To you this may be quite a surprise,

That each day I’m stronger and become more wise,

I go through each day following deep inner knowing,

I love all I do, with a smile always showing,

I would like to thank you for your concern,

Whilst I stay on my true path, with my lessons to learn.

Poem ‘Manifestation’


If we always look to the future or always look to the past,

Our dreams and ambitions will fade and not last,

Whenever we’re looking forward, or looking back,

Living in the moment is what we lack,

When we live in the Now, we are fully present,

We need to practice this as it is where we’re meant,

To find the stillness which keeps us connected,

Then our glorious selves won’t be rejected,

By our ego, which takes is off course,

By filling our minds with hatred and remorse,

Causing us our time to waste,

Making decisions in too much haste,

Wishing we were some-place or other,

Placing over our inner being a thick, heavy cover,

When we are fully present we can truly imagine,

Our lives as we want them, but we can also bring,

All that we need for this into our imagination,

Which will help to manifest it, bring it into creation,

We need to see it, smell it, hear it- to really feel,

It, as if it exists now, as if it’s already real,

It’s a powerful tool, working with visualisation,

For it brings what we imagine into manifestation,

In the now is where your dreams exist,

It is where we can find eternal bliss.

Poem ‘Here Now’

I wrote this around the time I started my business in 2010.


Here Now 

Here I stand on this new day,

My path is clear, nothing in my way,

 Everything I need is within my reach,

From my example, others I teach,

To live each day guided by Love’s flow,

That all is perfect, I do know,

I continue forward, following my guide,

With no need to run and no need to hide,

Throughout my journey I give love to others,

All of my sisters and all of my brothers,

Feeling togetherness, all is as one,

Man and people, planets and suns,

Giving, receiving, from the heart so pure,

I’m in the right place now, that is for sure.

Poem: Love

I wrote this poem not long after my spine injury. Although I didn’t like being unable to work, having time to reflect is something positive which came out of this.


You are in me,

Through my eyes you see,

You are in the trees,

You sway with the breeze,

You are in the sky,

With the birds you fly,

You are in the stars,

And Venus and Mars,

You’re never far away,

I want you to stay,

With me forever,

Through bad times together,

When everything is dark,

You will make your mark,

My thoughts you will lighten,

My dark mood you’ll brighten,

With your presence I’m gifted,

My spirit is lifted,

I never will fear,

Because Love, you are here.

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Poem: Guardian Angel

I wrote this poem during the 2000s, around the time I read Diana Cooper books. In 2011 I began selling my poetry books at Mind, Body, Spirit events. At some point I was inspired to write a series of angel poems.


Guardian Angel

Your love shines long, your love shines bright,

Your love shines through both day and night,

Lighting my path, guiding my way,

Giving me encouragement and kind words to say,

Always with me, I’ll forget you never,

We’ve been through many lifetimes together,

Since my beginning as a divine spark,

Your love is forever in my heart,

And although I never see you, I can feel you are there,

With all your support and every way that you care,

As I move along my path I AM sure,

I will benefit from all your gifts so pure,

You are so giving, all from me you receive,

Is the only thing I can give you, I believe,

So these words now that I speak out,

Are said with love and are heartfelt ,

~ Thank You x ~


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Poem: Compassion

This poem was also written around the time the school SEN team were pushing to get my son to full attendance. It seemed they were unable to see anything from my perspective. They did not seem to believe my son was in pain or had fatigue. They would watch him out of their window during breaks and report back to the consultant that ‘he seemed perfectly fine during break’. The great misconception of having a hidden illness!

Writing this poem helped me to see that my choice of parenting was a good choice. It felt as though there was a tsunami of opposing opinion, trying to force me in a certain direction. Just because a group of people try to push you in any direction does not mean it is the right thing to do for your child or for yourself. I constantly bear the following quote in mind when people try and push myself or any member of my family in any direction, without knowing the full facts behind our decisions:

‘The truth is the truth no matter how many people believe otherwise’.

I believe there are a lot of people who judge others based on their own values and beliefs without trying to put themselves in the place of that person. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have enough knowledge of Home Education to follow that route. However, on reflection, my son is happy that he remained in school.



Compassion is not a sign of weakness,

It shows inner strength, not meekness,

A sign for others that you really care,

That thier plight and life lessons you truly share,

For what it is, is not a state of mind,

Of being nice and being kind,

It is something in you, the way you feel,

You inwardly experience other’s challenges-

To you they feel real,

Understanding completely, right from your heart,

Because to all things you’re connected-

Of the whole you’re a part,

So when you see others struggle and somewhat fraught,

By sending them love, you give them support,

Always treat others the way you want them to treat you,

Each day do this the best you can do.


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Poem: Statistics

I wrote this poem during the time my son’s school attendance was poor due to his undiagnosed Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. We had meetings with the Education Welfare Officer, SEN Head, SEN Teacher, pediatric consultant and School Nurse.

It was such a stressful time. My son’s needs were not fully addressed or dealt with, from the school staff. The Consultant did make points to back some of my choices up. It felt like a massive state bullying campaign to put pressure on me to get my son into school. Having experienced my sons symptoms myself- pain and chronic fatigue-. I knew what he was going through. Unfortunately the ‘team’s’ one and only goal was for full-time attendance.

Having been through this experience with my son is why my husband and I chose to Home Educate my daughter when she had difficulties dealing with the school day due to pain, fatigue and dislocations (aged 11-12). She too has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- acknowledged by our GP, but not diagnosed by a Geneticist. She saw a Geneticist in Year 4, he said she was too young to diagnose, but to come back if her symptoms get worse. We don’t want to get stuck in the outpatients system, as appointments every 6-12 months are stressful. We know what she has and how to deal with it. She can ask for a diagnosis if she wishes when she is older.



Some days it feels as though all we are is a statistic,

A set of digits, a small part of logistics,

Our individual needs don’t seem to count,

For our needs affect the outcome and damage the amount,

Of the figure given as a reward,

By those in nice suits who sit on the board,

Those who ‘help’ us want to be able

To be Number One in the League Tables,

To reach this goal is immersed through their minds,

 They label and judge and pretend to be kind,

As they prod and they push us to the very edge,

Placing in-between them and us a huge wedge,

Of being best and at the top to some is a passion,

Which becomes the focus and omits compassion,

And those poor souls who sit at the bottom,

Want to move forward, but are stuck and feel rotten,

They only want the things which they need,

This is not selfish and does not come from greed,

To be looked down upon, seen as demanding,

Only comes from lack of understanding,

To move things forward, to make things alright,

Is everybody working together- imagine the sight!

There would be no pointing, judging or blame,

Everyone would feel balance, not in deep shame,

This is an ideal plan, of working together,

If only it could start and last forever!


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My First Poem: ‘Don’t Judge Me’

This poem was written shortly after meeting up with someone who did not understand my pain and fatigue. So many times I had to deal with comments made about others who were ‘really ill’. I don’t know if the word ‘really’ meant very ill, or actually ill. All I thought was what a disgusting and disrespectful thing to repeatedly say to someone going through chronic illness. Especially as the person was a medical professional.



There are some days when my patience runs thin,

I listen to what is said with a grin,

The point being made is hidden in lines,

Though the whole of the truth is balanced and fine,

I wish they could say what they want to my face,

But they don’t want their character to be out of place,

The should speak up if they feel something so strong,

And maybe in discussion would see they are wrong,

We see each situation from our own point of view,

If we changed our opinions, to see something new,

And gain some insight, we must set our sights high,

Then we will see the reason why,

Our challenges come from our Lord above,

Who gives is our challenges with an abundance of love,

These we will face every day,

And deal with them in our personal way,

We ,ust remember it’s not our place to judge,

To see bad in others or hold a grudge,

Maybe then we can make a new start,

And see things in others with a pure heart,

To have peace and happiness with us as we live,

We need to rise in ourselves and learn to forgive,

So now with clear vision we can do what is right,

To walk on our path surrounded in light.


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