Poem ‘Trust’


It seems these days we don’t know who we can trust,

Not those we respected, with powerful jobs to earn their crust,

Now it is routine to hear of a scandal,

It seems the power they own, they don’t know how to handle,

More and more wealth they want to gain,

Whilst disbelief and despair are all that remain,

From the innocent parties who have been affected,

Whose needs and rights have been neglected,

They have no second thought of their behaviour,

As they all stick together and pull in favours,

When all is found out their respect is lost,

And all becomes apparent of the cost,

A horrid tumult of so much deceit

Those who were close quickly retreat,

To remove themselves from the confusing tangle,

Which if caught up in could easily strangle,

Of their careers and future this will be the end,

Too much damage caused that cannot mend,

Of these villains and crooks we want to be free,

But should also be aware of what we can see,

Because our views and perspective don’t see perfection,

For all that we see is from us a reflection.



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