Poem ‘Manifestation’


If we always look to the future or always look to the past,

Our dreams and ambitions will fade and not last,

Whenever we’re looking forward, or looking back,

Living in the moment is what we lack,

When we live in the Now, we are fully present,

We need to practice this as it is where we’re meant,

To find the stillness which keeps us connected,

Then our glorious selves won’t be rejected,

By our ego, which takes is off course,

By filling our minds with hatred and remorse,

Causing us our time to waste,

Making decisions in too much haste,

Wishing we were some-place or other,

Placing over our inner being a thick, heavy cover,

When we are fully present we can truly imagine,

Our lives as we want them, but we can also bring,

All that we need for this into our imagination,

Which will help to manifest it, bring it into creation,

We need to see it, smell it, hear it- to really feel,

It, as if it exists now, as if it’s already real,

It’s a powerful tool, working with visualisation,

For it brings what we imagine into manifestation,

In the now is where your dreams exist,

It is where we can find eternal bliss.

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