Poem ~Smile~

I wrote this many years ago, when chronic fatigue was a massive challenge for me. My daughter was at primary school. It was nice to do the school run as that was how I socialized. I needed to rest on the bed before and after lunch to pace my energy to enable me to walk there and back. There was one parent who was always cheerful and would always speak, which was the inspiration for this poem. It really does make a difference to your well-being if someone says a simple ‘hello’, if you don’t see people through the day.



Each day I like to see your smile,

It makes me want to stay a while,

Your warmth, your care and welcoming chat,

Comfort me, help me to know that,

The small things we do, the kind words we say,

Create more love and make someone’s day,

We are all so busy, but we all know,

It doesn’t take much to say ‘hello’

To ask someone if they’re alright,

Sends out love and sends out Light,

Each time I go out I follow your lead,

And give someone a smile,  incase they’re in need.

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