Ways To Cope With The Heat

If you deal with any chronic medical condition which causes fatigue and chronic pain you are probably challenged, as I am, with coping in the hot weather. It drains my energy, gives me nausea and like everyone else makes me irritable and grumpy!

Here are some ways of dealing with the heat.

  1. Stay out of the sun.  I have to stay indoors. I’m okay to hang the washing out if it’s early enough for the heat not to be too intense. Other than that I avoid the sun completely. It flares up the iritis pain in my left eye. I am also photophobic when it’s very bright.
  2. Pull back from your usual activity.  Don’t do any house-work. If you’re used to fatigue, your house may, like mine, not always be looking like a show home. I have decided that chores can wait, my health is more important than a pristine home.
  3. Drink plenty.  This needs to be a priority, especially if like me, you are on diuretics or Spironolactone. Once you’ve finished one drink, make another one. Have one near you at all times.
  4. Use a cool flannel/cloth to cool your skin.  This is a great way to stay refreshed and keep cool.
  5. Close the curtains which are facing the sun.  Adopt the ways of those who live in the heat. No sun shining into rooms will stop it becoming as hot.
  6. Open your back door and front door. I know not everyone is lucky to have a back and front door. This is helpful, especially in the evening to circulate the cooler air outside into the house. My Dad did this a lot in the summer and I always do this too. I’m surprised I don’t see more front doors open to cool houses down.
  7. Buy a kiddie pool, or go to a pool. Some people have swimming pools at their house already, but if you don’t, a great alternative is to buy a kiddie pool. You can buy small ones and bigger ones. We have a very small one from ASDA, which is perfect for babies and dogs or just soaking your feet in. But you can buy bigger ones good for the whole family.
  8. Cold food. Popsicles/Ice lollies are perfect. You could also have fresh fruits, vegetables and any sort of cool food. The saying ‘cool as a cucumber’ is a saying for a reason! Cucumber helps cool you down a lot!

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