Starting Celebrex

Even though my Rheumatologist said this was safe to take with Hyperaldosteronism, I still had some doubts. I was quite poorly before taking Spironolactone ~ as soon as I had one dose my fatigue symptoms lifted. My face felt lighter, it was so much easier to speak! Also, somehow the connection between my brain and legs reconnected. I was quite anxious about these symptoms returning. I didn’t want to have to use the wheelchair out of the house again.

Not long after the first dose I became short of breath. I couldn’t speak in full sentences. I also had tightness in my chest. This was very disappointing and I wondered if I should go to A&E, as this wasn’t supposed to happen. However, I didn’t want to give up on the medicine as soon as I tried it. What if I was giving up on the chance to experience days with less pain? I didn’t have severe chest pain, so I stayed at home. Next my head began to feel weird, I eventually realised it was part vertigo and part light-headedness. I took my blood pressure. It usually runs around 135/85 on 25mg Spironolactone. It was 118/77. I decided to sit down and relax instead of trying to carry on with all that I had planned to do.

Through the rest of the day I continued to keep an eye on my blood pressure. It stayed low, the lowest being around 112/68. Having worked on medical wards in hospitals in the past I knew that wasn’t a concern, even though it was low for me. When I’d been pregnant with Ben, and on a surgical ward placement for nurse training, I almost fainted after standing for too long. My blood pressure then was 90/60.

The other annoying side effect is severe leg cramps in the night. These are ones which are very difficult to stop by stretching the muscle when you know it’s about to go into a cramp. They can also last for ten minutes, which is much longer than the ones I experienced before the hyperaldosteronism was treated.

I have also experienced not passing as much urine and difficulty passing urine. I experienced this with diclofenac and naproxen, it was the reason I had to stop taking them. As it is summer I have increased my fluid intake and am keeping an eye on this, as if it continues, or get’s worse, I will have to stop taking them.

On the good side. After a few days I began to notice a massive difference in my pain:

  • Minimal morning stiffness
  • Improved plantar pain (returning before another dose was due)
  • Eye pain stopped
  • Joint pain almost stopped
  • Back pain almost stopped
  • Massive improvement in fatigue
  • Massive improvement in short-term memory

The improvement in all my symptoms has had a very positive effect on my life. I can do physical activities for so much longer. The garden is finally being sorted (for some reason no one else has any interest in gardening) My blood pressure continues to run a little lower than before. It increases as the day goes on.

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