Rheumatology Appointment

My Rheumatology appointment was a couple of weeks ago. As I hadn’t been seen in the clinic for about four years, I had a thirty minute appointment.

After examination I was told ‘It isn’t straightforward.’ He explained I have all the signs for Fibromyalgia. The complication is that

  • I am positive to HLA B27
  • My brother and Mum have Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Some of my symptoms suggest inflammation of my spine
  • I have other Ankylosing Spondylitis symptoms: plantar heel pain on right foot, acheles tendon pain on left foot, iritis type pain with photophobia in left eye, IBS symptoms, low back pain and morning stiffness.

To rule this out a repeat blood test was taken for inflammatory markers. This was negative, so I don’t need another MRI of my spine/pelvis.



  • Commence Celebrex 100mg twice a day.
  • Come off Amitriptyline and commence Pregabalin
  • Follow up in 6 months.

It was a positive appointment. I am pleased I can take anti-inflammatories again. Celebrex is apparently not so bad with digestive side effects. It’s also not a problem with Hyperaldosteronism. Hopefully I will be able to take less codeine for endo pain too.


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