What Is Wrong With Me?

So my swollen, painful knee isn’t osteoarthritis.

I saw my GP in February as my knee was still painful and swollen. Along with painful, stiff elbows, fingers and a painful left eye. I’d had all of these symptoms since around Christmas time. Whilst it is normal for me to have a flare up after Christmas, it isn’t normal for me to have pain in those joints, or for the fatigue to last longer than 6 weeks after New Year.

My Mum and my brother have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have all the symptoms. I am positive to HLA-B27. I was even diagnosed with it at one point. But that was revoked by another Rheumatologist to the one who gave me the diagnosis. My ESR is usually not raised and I have no radiological evidence of AS.

As my Mum also has Rheumatoid arthritis in her wrists and Hypothyroidism I was tested for those, along with the usual ESR and blood count.

I went to the next G.P appointment armed with a four page list of my past and present symptoms (typed on A4 paper), since my back injury.

I had done some research online for auto-immune diseases. Lupus stood out. I have a lot of the symptoms. Plus all of my flare ups over the years included symptoms which may have been Lupus. My G.P was happy to test me for the antibodies for Lupus. I will get the results next Tuesday.  If they are negative it may possibly be Sjorgren’s Syndrome or Behcett’s Disease. But one step at a time.

I experience the rash associated with Lupus.

rash on cheeks

The skin on my arm also has a rash.

This rash has been on my arm for 5 months

I will patiently wait for the blood test results on Tuesday.

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