Poem: Love

I wrote this poem not long after my spine injury. Although I didn’t like being unable to work, having time to reflect is something positive which came out of this.


You are in me,

Through my eyes you see,

You are in the trees,

You sway with the breeze,

You are in the sky,

With the birds you fly,

You are in the stars,

And Venus and Mars,

You’re never far away,

I want you to stay,

With me forever,

Through bad times together,

When everything is dark,

You will make your mark,

My thoughts you will lighten,

My dark mood you’ll brighten,

With your presence I’m gifted,

My spirit is lifted,

I never will fear,

Because Love, you are here.

This poem is free for personal use.

For commercial use please contact me for details.

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