Poem: Guardian Angel

I wrote this poem during the 2000s, around the time I read Diana Cooper books. In 2011 I began selling my poetry books at Mind, Body, Spirit events. At some point I was inspired to write a series of angel poems.


Guardian Angel

Your love shines long, your love shines bright,

Your love shines through both day and night,

Lighting my path, guiding my way,

Giving me encouragement and kind words to say,

Always with me, I’ll forget you never,

We’ve been through many lifetimes together,

Since my beginning as a divine spark,

Your love is forever in my heart,

And although I never see you, I can feel you are there,

With all your support and every way that you care,

As I move along my path I AM sure,

I will benefit from all your gifts so pure,

You are so giving, all from me you receive,

Is the only thing I can give you, I believe,

So these words now that I speak out,

Are said with love and are heartfelt ,

~ Thank You x ~


This poem is free to use for personal use. Please link back to this page when used online.

Please contact me top purchase a licence for commercial use.

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