Poem: Compassion

This poem was also written around the time the school SEN team were pushing to get my son to full attendance. It seemed they were unable to see anything from my perspective. They did not seem to believe my son was in pain or had fatigue. They would watch him out of their window during breaks and report back to the consultant that ‘he seemed perfectly fine during break’. The great misconception of having a hidden illness!

Writing this poem helped me to see that my choice of parenting was a good choice. It felt as though there was a tsunami of opposing opinion, trying to force me in a certain direction. Just because a group of people try to push you in any direction does not mean it is the right thing to do for your child or for yourself. I constantly bear the following quote in mind when people try and push myself or any member of my family in any direction, without knowing the full facts behind our decisions:

‘The truth is the truth no matter how many people believe otherwise’.

I believe there are a lot of people who judge others based on their own values and beliefs without trying to put themselves in the place of that person. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have enough knowledge of Home Education to follow that route. However, on reflection, my son is happy that he remained in school.



Compassion is not a sign of weakness,

It shows inner strength, not meekness,

A sign for others that you really care,

That thier plight and life lessons you truly share,

For what it is, is not a state of mind,

Of being nice and being kind,

It is something in you, the way you feel,

You inwardly experience other’s challenges-

To you they feel real,

Understanding completely, right from your heart,

Because to all things you’re connected-

Of the whole you’re a part,

So when you see others struggle and somewhat fraught,

By sending them love, you give them support,

Always treat others the way you want them to treat you,

Each day do this the best you can do.


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