My First Poem: ‘Don’t Judge Me’

This poem was written shortly after meeting up with someone who did not understand my pain and fatigue. So many times I had to deal with comments made about others who were ‘really ill’. I don’t know if the word ‘really’ meant very ill, or actually ill. All I thought was what a disgusting and disrespectful thing to repeatedly say to someone going through chronic illness. Especially as the person was a medical professional.



There are some days when my patience runs thin,

I listen to what is said with a grin,

The point being made is hidden in lines,

Though the whole of the truth is balanced and fine,

I wish they could say what they want to my face,

But they don’t want their character to be out of place,

The should speak up if they feel something so strong,

And maybe in discussion would see they are wrong,

We see each situation from our own point of view,

If we changed our opinions, to see something new,

And gain some insight, we must set our sights high,

Then we will see the reason why,

Our challenges come from our Lord above,

Who gives is our challenges with an abundance of love,

These we will face every day,

And deal with them in our personal way,

We ,ust remember it’s not our place to judge,

To see bad in others or hold a grudge,

Maybe then we can make a new start,

And see things in others with a pure heart,

To have peace and happiness with us as we live,

We need to rise in ourselves and learn to forgive,

So now with clear vision we can do what is right,

To walk on our path surrounded in light.


This poem is free to use for non-commerical use. Please provide a link if shared on-line.

If you would like to use it for commercial work please contact me on the form to discuss purchase of a licence.

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