Ben’s 21st Birthday

Next Week Ben Celebrates His 21st Birthday…

… I can’t believe so much time has passed since then. He was born on a Friday at 4.50pm. I actually started to dilate on my birthday, twelve days before, but that stopped. So I had to carry on with everything whilst  being 3cm dilated. At this point Ben was pressing down on my sciatic nerve, giving me shooting pain through my pelvis floor and both thighs. It was very difficult to deal with. At some point I went into the hospital with the pain and I think my intention was to stay there until he was born. Pain was a big challenge for me when I was younger, as I  hadn’t learnt ways of how to manage it. It scared me too. I think I went in on the Tuesday. They broke my waters on Friday, when Ben was 10 days late.

I can’t remember if they broke my waters at 9.30am or 1pm. 9am sounds more likely, I think I was in full labour by 1 or 1.30pm. From having a very slow start, it progressed very quickly once my waters were broken. I was so scared of the pain and with it being my first delivery I had no idea how bad it was going to get. I asked for an epidural, as I’d already had pethidine and the gas and air wasn’t helping as much as it was. The bed was taken down to the delivery room. The wait was so long as the doctor was busy somewhere else. By the time she had the needle in my spine I was ready to push. Due to the epidural it was difficult to push with little feeling of what you are pushing.

After a while pf pushing Ben was becoming distressed. Two doctors arrived, waiting to start a C-Section if needed. I wasn’t told this, they were a couple of metres from the foot of the bed. I feel because of the epidural I was more aware of other things going on around me. When I was in labour with my daughter, (over 8 years later) I didn’t have an epidural, I was completely withdrawn in on my body and what it needed to do (with the help of the midwives talking me through).

Eventually I managed to push enough for the midwife to do an episiotomy. I would rather not have had this done. However, the choice for me between and episiotomy and a C-Section is an easy one.

Ben was delivered safely at 4.50pm, he weighed an ounce under 10lb. He was a very long baby and now stands at 6’2″ (at a guess). I am very lucky to be able to have children, I could not imagine the pain of not being able to. Every single day I am grateful for having my two wonderful children in my life.


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