Why Online Prescription Services Are So Good

Having help with picking up prescriptions is more than welcome. Whilst juggling many things it takes the pressure off and ticks off another box on the ‘to do’ list.

Chris, my husband, usually collects them for me. Until recently he also put the repeat prescription form in the box for me too. A couple of months ago I finally sorted out renewing prescriptions online. So now Chris only has to collect them from the chemist.

Generally this runs smoothly. However, there have been a couple of times when there has been some confusion with ordering/collecting medicine. I wanted to share these stories as they are funny to look back on and Chris doesn’t mind me sharing them.

A few years ago, Ben was giving us lifts to places as the turbo had broken on our van and damaged the engine. It wasn’t worth paying to fix it. So, on the way to do a food shop we stopped at the local chemist to drop a repeat prescription form in to the surgery. To save time Chris took the form. It should have taken less than two minutes. After five minutes Ben and I agreed that Chris should have returned. I then realised that he thought he was collecting a prescription. Ben went into the chemist to tell Chris it just needed placing in the repeat prescription box.

Today there was more confusion with a prescription. I saw one of the G.Ps at the surgery for the Gynae referral for the polyp on my cervix. She also gave me a prescription for everything I needed to cover Christmas and the New Year. I usually drop off prescriptions at the chemists next to the surgery. However, today I thought it would be easier to have them sorted at a local supermarket.

To cut a long story short, Chris took the prescription with him, to do whilst he was out doing a few bits and pieces. I pointed out to him it was the green side of the prescription which needed to be handed in to the chemist. I also told him that they may not everything which was prescribed. When he returned I asked if he had waited whilst the prescription was made up. He was very surprised at this question, informing me he thought it was a repeat prescription form. He had posted it into the box in the surgery! Luckily I didn’t need anything on the prescription straight away. I rang up the surgery, who said they would leave it in reception to be picked up tomorrow.

Reflecting on this makes me realise how easy it is to order repeat prescriptions online and have the prescription sent online straight to the chemist. No pieces of paper can be lost or put in the wrong place. The only time things may go wrong is in the event of a power-cut, a computer crash or system failure (in which case they would hopefully have a back up server to keep everything running)

I will learn from this experience. The next time I am given a prescription at the surgery, I will take it straight to the chemist next to the surgery!

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