Diary of a T.B Patient At The Benenden Chest Hospital (Part 4)

Saturday May 1st:  Packed up and was in Surgical ward by 3.30. Didn’t have a bad night. Got through to Peter.

Sunday May 2nd:  Saw Pete. He’s a bit up the wall like me. Feel worried. Must try to settle.

Monday May 3rd:  Not quite so worked up. The day passed quickly. Got through to Pete after 3/4 hour wait.

Tuesday May 4th:  Fine day. Pat excited, went home today. Some old boy goes up tonight. out 5. Couldn’t care less. Down to my LAST (Cigarette?). Am getting more relaxed now.

Wednesday May 5th:  Ann going to ring Peter to let him know what I’m like tomorrow. Very hot and warm.

Thursday May 6th:  Surgical. Hope it’s in the morning.

Friday May 7th:  Very Hot.

Saturday May 8th: Very hot and warm.

Sunday May 9th:  High wind.

The diary is then blank until

Sunday June 13th: Went to church. Had to ask date as I am still not with it.

Blank again until

Saturday June 19th:  Open Day. Rain all day. Got a tea lady that’s all.

Sunday June 20th:  Rain all day. Wish I was going home THIS week. Never satisfied. Peter and they all happy about it.

Monday June 21st:  Very hot today. Rang Peter and Pat. Took photos.

Thursday June 24th:  Think Sue went home with her husband. Not asking.

Friday June 25th:  Heat wave. Very clammy. Be glad when Tuesday comes.

Saturday June 26th:  Nurse Cooper’s wedding. Very hot.

Tuesday June 29th:  Date given by Dr Mayer. Arrived home o.k.

Wednesday July 2nd:  Nurse Wicken’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Red Rose.

Saturday July 3rd:  Went to Basingtoke. Pam a lot slimmer.

Sunday July 4th:  Still hot.

Sunday August 15th:  Went to Maureen’s. Lovely house. Had a lovely week. Very hot and I feel a lot better.

Saturday August 28th:  Good journey to Bognor. Rained heavy, just in time for weeks holiday.

Sunday August 29th:  Sun out.



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