Diary of A T.B Patient At The Benenden Chest Hospital, Part 3

Thursday April 1st:  Pete sounded worried a bit about work last night. I went to the art class just to look. Found Smokey Joes. Nice day. Not cold but sun out. 

Friday April 2nd:  Bright but cold. Got the eggs, kids very excited. Went home for the weekend. Pete heard from Welfare. Might be lucky. Had a long phone chat. Weigh In. Gained.

Saturday April 3rd:  It’s quiet. 3 of the youngsters going home for the weekend. Frosty but the sun is out. (GRAND-NATIONAL DAY?) Had a bet on G.N Spanista Steps Tregarron. We lost but won the sweep (me and Sues). Had a lovely sheaf from pub. It was lovely. Not so well today.

Sunday April 4th:  Thick frost, but sun coming out. Hope it stays nice for Pete. Had a nice afternoon. Pete has leave, going to see if I can get home on week 13.  Had another surprise, 2 lovely nightdresses from the pub.

Monday April 5th:  The doctor has ordered a urine test and a Liver test. Frosty but sunny, turned out quite warm. The doctor seemed pleased but Mr Burns says don’t be too optimistic about going home on 13th week. Had a good laugh. Lights fixed. Girls getting ready to go home.

Tuesday April 6th:  Frosty but now the sun is shining. It’s Susie’s BIG DAY on Thursday. Got on phone to Maureen. Booked for Pete to stay at Mrs Wheelers from 20th to 25th.

Wednesday April 7th: Doc Williams put me on 8 hours. Lovely day again. Had a beautiful walk yesterday. Saw wild violets, daffs. Bought some jam and little gifts. Had a laugh.

Thursday April 8th:  Susie went to Middlesex for a big heart X-ray. She was gone all day. Another lovely day. One of the quietest days here.

Friday April 9th:  Lovely morning. My gold cross was blessed. I might get to Tenterden Tuesday. Vicar came and had a little pray for Anne and gave thanks for getting better here. **

Saturday April 10th:  Lovely morning. I had a terrible night, thought I’d lost my ring. Thank goodness another Saturday is over. Had the depression all day today. Weather still good.

Sunday April 11th: Palm Sunday~  Nerves in a right state, I can’t even watch telly. Time seems to drag now the old gang are gone. Pete looked tired. Good night, just crept out for a ‘cuppa’. Frosty, but looks like we’re in for a nice day. What a lousy finish, the coach broke down. STONE LOST FROM NEW RING. Everyone is frantic. Broke my dream.

Monday April 12th:  Had hair permed. Used camera. Turned out my room for stone. Used camera and looked at the nice suit he bought me. Not the best of days again.

Tuesday April 13th:  Kids go today. Glad it wasn’t my cross. Good News, I MAY be able to go home. Raining late evening. Rang Pete with the news.

Wednesday April 14th:  Raining, but brightened up. CAN  go home. Rang Maureen with the good news. Churned up, don’t know why but still NOT with it.

Thursday April 15th:  Cold, but turned out fine. Got a few bits ready for home. Finished lamb for Susie’s baby grandson Christopher. Had a lovely letter from Ann.

Friday April 16th (Good Friday): Gained weight. Grey day. Big X-Rays on back. Peter working.

Sunday April 17th:  Arrived home at 9.44am. Return on Wednesday 21st. Good journey. Spoke to Pam. Lovely morning. Took tsblets at 5.45pm. Had a chat with Lal. Took a short walk but very tired. In bed by 8.45pm

Monday April 19th:   Looks like another good day. Took tablets at 6 o’clock.

Tuesday April 20th:  Leave starts, all week (wedding anniversary). Had a good day, Jewellers shut. Weather wonderful.

Wednesday April 21st:  Return Midday. Smashing weather. Train late. Good to be back. Photo’s back.

Thursday April 22nd:  Doc’s rounds. Stil lovely weather. Had a lovely evening. Took some photos. DO hope they come out. Rang Pete.

Friday April 23rd:  Sister saw me, I go to surgery on Monday. Had a good day. Am a bit scared. Mustn’t forget to pay for eggs. Only Nurse Reid left, I think. The new nurses are very nice. Sister poorly, looked rotten. Very cold. Snow

Saturday April 24th:  Windy. Went for short walk. Getting nervous about having BRONKO.

Sunday April 25th:  Back 1.30pm. Sun out. Hope it’s warmer. Went for walk with Pete. Bit up the wall about tomorrow.

Monday April 26th:  Down surgery by 12 o’clock. Back in my room by 6.30. Everything nice, wasn’t frightened at the end. Work Monday.

Tuesday April 27th:  Up at 3. Nice cup of tea. Felt groggy, but o.k now. 11 coffee.

Wednesday April 28th:  Saw Doc Mayer. Rotten day, upset Susan and felt generally (blank). Got a shock, got to have a little “op”.

Thursday April 29th:  Some little rain. Cleared some of my cards. Still feeling a bit squeezy, can’t relax. Couldn’t get Pete on the phone this morning. Spoke to Maureen.

Friday April 30th:  Had to pack all my things to go down to the other ward. Trying to calm down as I thought I was getting better. Worked up.





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