Diary Of A T.B Patient At The Benenden Chest Hospital Part 2 March

Monday March 1st:  Fine day. Had blood test and x-rays. The doctor is pleased.  People getting ready to go home. Shall miss Gladys but glad for her. Said our goodbyes.

Tuesday March 2nd:  There’s a thick frost but the sun is shining. Much excitement with the girls. Saw them off on the bus to catch a PLANE home. My turn soon I hope.

Wednesday March 3rd:  Beautiful morning. Sister said ‘You look full of beans’. Think I will be another week before I take a small walk.

Thursday March 4th:  I was wrong. I can take a walk. Pete has the day off. A bomb at the station thought he would not leave. Had a lovely afternoon with him and Ann. Saw the Primroses and Puff (?)

Friday March 5th:   Lovely morning. Gained weight again. Had a lovely day. Girls have gone down for their ops. I did the .  Walked half the loop with Ann. Saw snow drops and dafs in bud. Rang Pete.

Saturday March 6th:  108 days. Nurse Cooper’s wedding day is 26th June. Had a busy day with other people’s bits. Read Ann’s letters.

Sunday March 7th:  Nice morning. Wonder if Maureen and John will come. Had a good night. Had a laugh. Good job they (illegible) come with ma. Had a good laugh today. Then Sister put the —–. Susie and I were ordered out of the lounge and to bed. It’s snowing hard 8 o’clock.

Monday March 8th:  It’s snowing but it will clear. I am waiting for the doctor. Poor Ann SHATTERED TOO ON GETTING HER PAPERS. IT IS—– (T.B). How can you console her?

Tuesday March 9th:  Ann leaves, also May. Will be hard to part as it’s as if I’ve known them always. Hope John feels better. Pete sounded queer last night. Bright but cold. Had a good laugh, all the kids came in.

Wednesday March 10th:  Lovely morning. Doctor pleased. 6 weeks up, can now stay up – he seems pleased. Rang Pete. Poor old Lou’s husband passed away. Something else to worry about. INJECTIONS HALTED.

Thursday March 11th:  Very windy and cold. My legs were bad lasst night, mustn’t overdo it. Hope Pete keeps o.k. Lou alright. Didn’t stay long. Got a womble up now. Dorothy lost purse on her birthday.

Friday March 12th:  NO SIGN OF PURSE. Very cold, rain nearly all day. Gained weight again, thank goodness. Had a good go and finished squirrel. Had a quiet evening with Sue. The kids came in and started womble (2). Had a couple of—- 8.30

Saturday March 13th:  Rain eased so had a bath. Did Womble. Went on a nice little walk. I picked a couple of primroses, they are just coming out. Good day. Picked 4 primroses.

Sunday March 14th:  A dry morning. Feel o.k. I’m looking forward to seeing Pete. I think I’m going to have a new lady next door. Yes, the rest of my stay will be lovely. Had a lovely afternoon with Pete. The time goes so quickly. All the trees are in bud. Shan’t want to go back for that reason.

Monday March 15th:  Raining heavy. Had a blood test. Hectic day, everything rushed. Two new girls here today. Heard from Ann. Had a funny parcel from Mick. Rang Pete. he’s bought me a ring.

Tuesday March 16th:  Not so cold, not raining. HOPE WELFARE CALLS. HOPE HOPE AT LAST. Worked like a beaver to finish Womble.

Wednesday March 17th:  Very misty, Doctor calls today. On 6 gains now (? weight) doesn’t make a lot of difference, but must  mean I’m getting better.

Thusday March 18th:  Calf born yesterday. Misty, don’t think it’s going to be so good. (Intakes?) Had a bath at 5 o’clock. Dying for a cuppa.

Friday March 19th:  Fine day 10 o’clock. Pat’s Husband Phone. Weight gone up. It’s a nice morning. I’ll be able to go out. Got my dog to make with £2 Union sent me. Took Susie for her first walk. She did it better than me.

Saturday March 20th:  Lovely morning, cold. Worked all day on the other Womble. Didn’t go out.

Sunday March 21st:  Don’t forget S.T for Peter. Thick frost. First Sun coming out. George coming today with Pete. Had a nice walk. George thought it wonderful, beautiful ring Pete bought for me.

Monday March 22nd:  I saw the doctor I’m off the injections until Wednesday 7th. Said our goodbyes to Kath and Bella. Rest of the day pleasant. Still losing balance.

Tuesday March 23rd:  Lovely morning. Going out this afternoon. Got  a nice letter from Pam. Great news, Susie’s daughter had a boy. Very cold today.

Wedneday March 24th:  See the doctor today. The sun is shining. No news the doctor just said nothing. Picked more primroses. It’s warmer too. Go out in two weeks.

Thursday March 25th:  Not too cold. Got patterns for Ann. Heard from Maureen, she moves on April 2nd. Pat goes to Surgery tomorrow.

Friday March 26th:  Weigh in, gained weight again. very depressed and tired today. But finished the day with a good laugh. Pat settles in. New lady lives near home. Very nice.

Saturday March 27th:  Lovely morning. Got some lovely cards from Maureen and Pam. Resting up, today feel better.

Sunday March 28th:  Lovely day. Went for a walk this morning. Pete got here and looked a bit better. He enjoyed the walk. Nasal wash in the morning. Like a summer’s day, everyone is on the balcony. Pete got home at 7.

Monday March 29th:  Start fresh tests. Had X-ray and Nasal Wash. Doctor calls today. Rang Pete up for cassettes. Had a letter from Afma- A GREAT GIRL. Had a good day.

Tuesday March 30th:  Another lovely day.  Did crochet for most of it. Edna did my hair. 3 more intakes today. Hope the doctor gives me some news tomorrow. Susie upset. 

Wednesday March 31st:  Dull morning. Saw Dr Mayer Chief. Very pleased with progress. They have put me on 8 Hours (observations ~pulse, blood pressure, respirations~ or medicine?) Good news, Sister says she will try and let me go Tenterden in 2 weeks.




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