Huge Cervical Polyp Discovered During Pap Smear

Yesterday afternoon I had my routine Smear Test. It doesn’t seem like three years ago since the last one!

I was concerned of how painful this was going to be due to my left ovary being tethered to my bowel. The pain from this had been increasing anyway as I have been more active, walking a lot more the previous week. I took some co-codamol a little while before I walked to the surgery.

I didn’t need to be weighed or have my blood pressure done. This will be done in a few weeks when I have my annual Hypertension appointment. I told the nurse about my ovary being tethered to my bowel. She very kindly acknowledged this and assured me she would be mindful of that. I mentioned to her that I’d been spotting throughout the day. She advised me the test may need to be carried out again if there was too much blood.

As the test began I was surprised the speculum didn’t hurt too much. Then I was also surprised at how much it hurt as it was opening and whilst it was open. The nurse told me she could see why I was spotting. As she said that I remembered I have  a polyp on my cervix. I’ve had it for years. It was going to be removed, but I can’t remember being referred for that to happen. I think injuring my spine and everything that followed got in the way of that happening.

I’ve had a polyp removed from my cervix in the past. It’s a very simple procedure, which is over very quickly. During the Smear Test yesterday the nurse said the polyp is ‘huge’. I hope the base is small enough for it to be removed in clinic. If not it will need to be removed surgically. Should that be the case I will ask them to release my ovary off my bowel. That’s a long way off. First I need to book an appointment with a GP for a Gynae referral.

To be honest I’m hoping that the polyp is the reason for a lot of my pain. I haven’t had Endometriosis surgically diagnosed. It’s only been clinically diagnosed as probably the cause of pain during a visit to A&E a few years ago after I passed out with pain (I had been unable to take anti-inflammatories at the time. This was many years before my Hyperaldosteronism was diagnosed).

Within the past six months I’ve noticed a watery pink discharge, which occurs a couple of days before a period. Due to having pelvic issues already I thought it was connected with the pain. At home after my appointment the polyp bled (the nurse did say she had made it bleed more). However, alongside this I had a large amount of the watery pink discharge. So having the test has shown the cause of that.

So now I have another medical appointment to add to my list. I will be glad to have this sorted out, but wondering if another one will grow, as this is what happened before.  Have you had a polyp removed? Did you have new polyps grow after the removal of the previous one?


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