Allergic Reaction Causing Burning Head Pain Symptom

Reacting to the antibiotics I took for my finger infection made me realise that I should stop eating foods which cause the same symptoms. The only difference was the Flucloxacillin caused wheezing.

For years I have been experiencing a red rash on my face and upper chest after eating any red vegetables. I naively thought it was the colour in the food and not an allergy causing the rash. Foods which causes the rash are tomatoes, peppers and beetroot. I remember telling my Mother in Law years ago, after she told me that tomatoes are good for stopping sun-burn. However, I eat one and I look sun-burnt! She said I had an allergy to Solanine or Nightshade (I can’t remember the exact word she used). I didn’t think much about it and carried on eating everything that caused the redness. It isn’t only food which causes the redness, alcohol does too. Alcohol also causes a burning sensation inside my head. It feels as though the inside of my head is sun-burnt. It’s one of the most unpleasant types of pain I experience. Other things cause this pain too; infection and when fatigue is becoming worse -activity. It’s very weird. I’ve never met anyone else with this symptom. I did find a couple of people online, on an EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) support forum. A teenage girl’s parents asked the group about it. One lady replied to say she had it. She continued that it was caused by hypermobile joints in the cervical spine (neck). This made sense and explains the increase pain I experience with activity. It doesn’t explain experiencing the pain with allergy symptoms after food.

I think my recent conscious awareness of the burning head pain with an allergic reaction explains why I experience the pain after eating certain foods. When I eat certain nightshades my skin becomes red and feels hot. This happens inside my head too. Sometimes the pain starts as pain inside my head, then expands to redness and heat on my face, neck, upper chest and arms. It’s the production, or the presence of histamines which cause the pain in this circumstance for me, due to the dilating of blood vessels and increased blood flow. When I take anti-histamines the pain and redness subsides.

I’ve been experiencing this since 2003. That’s fourteen years!!

For now I am going to avoid nightshades in my diet. During my research on nightshade I discovered that allergies can affect the bowels. This can cause poor nutrient absorption and a leaky gut. I wander how many of my bowel symptoms are due to allergies, how many are due to Endo and how many are caused by antibiotic use.


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