Dental Abscess Treatment

I finally finished the treatment for my dental abscess a few days ago.

The first part of the treatment, which I’d had two weeks previously, lasted twenty minutes. This part of the treatment involved removing some of the soft tissue. They don’t remove all of the dental pulp. Then time is given to allow the tooth to settle down. I was dealing with tonsilitis at the time. I didn’t feel too bad as I didn’t have a headache. I didn’t want to postpone the appointment as I’d waited so long for the treatment as the second appointment was for an hour. It’s impossible to get booked in for this length of time at short notice. I’d had a fistula draining through my gum for a few weeks by this time. The dentist was happy that everything was okay. By the time the first treatment took place I wasn’t really in any pain with it and didn’t need any pain medicine. My mouth was sore when the numbness wore off. However, this was nothing compared to the initial pain of the abscess. I was so relieved to have the abscess removed. The fistula drained a little more after the treatment. After this it gradually healed and closed.

For the second treatment I was concerned about my pelvic pain increasing, due to sitting for so long during the treatment. As well as the stress of having the work done. But, because the chair was titled back it wasn’t really a problem. It just made my back pain worse. I took a codeine before going so this helped with the pain. This was the day I accidentally took an Amitriptyline in the morning, so I was much more relaxed than I would have been. My G.P used to prescribe me a low dose of diazepam for dental treatment. However, since being treated for the Hyperaldosteronism I haven’t felt a need to take that. This treatment lasted an hour. The temporary filling was removed, then the last of the dental pulp was taken out. Once this was complete an x-ray was taken. This was to measure the length of the canals. My tooth is a back molar with three canals. My jaw was so sore with the clamp and rubber dam in place. The rubber dam is a square piece of latex which is held in place by the clamp. This ensures no saliva from the mouth goes into the tooth and canals, which prevents germs from the saliva getting inside the tooth. (A clever invention, or we could be back to square one with another abscess without it!) I don’t know what is used to fill the canals. They heat something up on a bunsen burner first ,which has a strong smell, that isn’t very pleasant. The canals being filled are the last part of the treatment, along with filling the rest of the tooth.  It was a relief to have the clamp and rubber dam removed.

The tooth needs checking in six months as it may require a crown. This happened to the tooth in front of this one.

I admire dentists and dental nurses for being able to perform these treatments. Most of all I am thankful that I have access to this treatment. I can’t imagine what it was like throughout history with no dental treatment available. I do not know how anyone could live with the pain of an abscess. Even if they had the tooth removed the infection would have remained. We are lucky to have this treatment available.


(images from Pixabay)



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