How Do You Remember To Take Your Meds At The Right Time?

I made a big mistake this morning. I am prescribed Spironolactone for my Hyperaldosteronism. It balances the sodium/potassium levels and keeps my blood pressure low. I take it after breakfast. This morning, after I’d showered and dressed I realised I had taken an Amitriptyline by mistake.  I wasn’t thinking fully on what I was doing, although at the time I felt I was. The worst thing was that I had done this yesterday too. Only yesterday I had driven out with my daughter to pick up a friend before we went out to buy a birthday gift. I had found it more difficult to concentrate whilst driving yesterday. At one point I had to blink to keep my eyes open. I feel awful that I did this with no realisation of the fact.

I have though of an idea to ensure I take the correct medicine at the correct time. I like to re-use glass jars and currently have some tablet strips in one.  They are on the shelf above the kitchen sink. All I need to do is find another glass jar, then draw the sun on one and the moon on the other one. I won’t get muddled up with medication again.

How do you remember to take your medicine?

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