Moving Back Home!

We have now been home for three weeks. The first week the builders were finishing their work.  We moved back on the Friday, giving us the weekend to move belongings where we wanted them, before the builders returned on the Monday.

Moving back was similar to moving out. We didn’t have much time to organise and I  did much more than I usually do.  Chris was working all  week, plus Saturday, which is why we chose to move back on Friday evening.

I started moving a few belongings back on Wednesday afternoon, after my dentist appointment. The physical challenge of moving everything back was another logistic nightmare.  There was little space to place things. The kitchen wasn’t in full use and the only room freed up was the living room. The office was full, it had to be emptied on Friday to move the guinea pigs into, to free up our bedroom. It felt as though whichever way I turned there was something which needed moving so that something else could be placed in the correct room. Plus it all needed cleaning first. The builders hadn’t put up any plastic sheeting across the doors to protect other areas from dust. The dust was EVERYWHERE, even in cupboards and drawers.

On Friday I planned to take a car load back to the house after my daughter’s dentist appointment. It was a busy week for dentist appointments! On top of everything I was also dealing with my dental abscess pain. I am still waiting for treatment for this now (a month later).

I took my time placing suitcases and boxes into the car. I gave myself a good length of time to decrease the stress of leaving on time with an additional task. I lifted a lot more than I usually do. It was a choice between lifting at that time with little stress or waiting until Chris was back with no lifting but a lot of stress. The less stress option won. I was so desperate to get back home!

I can’t remember the minor details of moving back. It took one more trip than we thought. We finally left at half past ten. I helped Chris with the last load. If it hadn’t been so late I would have stayed at home in an effort to keep pain to a minimum. I felt as though I didn’t have a choice in this circumstance. Chris was tired from working all week, plus he was also working the next day. Between us it took ten minutes to load the last things into the car.

We have now been home a month. There are still things which need moving, the garden is about half way to being sorted. I am taking my time as all of this has caused a flare up of pelvic pain. My next post will be about that.

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