Building Work: Organizing Alternative Accommodation

We are currently living in alternative accommodation whilst our insurance company are sorting out water damage caused by the downstairs shower not being fitted properly before we moved in. You can see the damage at the start of this vlog:

To start with we were offered a holiday lodge over 15 miles away from home and 25 miles away from where Chris, my husband works. With Devon country lanes to wind through to get anywhere. This property was not an option as it didn’t have a washing machine. With EDS there is no way I can carry heavy bags of wet washing. My hands claw up if I over-do any activity, or carry anything too heavy. With endo back and pelvic pain there is no way I can lift/carry heavy bags of wet washing.

Fortunately the manager in charge of organising the works to be carried out is aware of the challenges of endo as his wife has it. When I explained I am unable to take anti-inflammatories due to Hyperaldosteronism, he said that our request for a property with a washing machine was perfectly reasonable.
There was a slight muddle over the booking of this accommodation. My husband was telephoned with details of this house. He told them we would have a look and decide if it was suitable. Somehow they booked it without our agreeing to this. The following week I had a call from the builder’s secretary informing me the builders were booked to start on Monday as the accommodation was arranged!?! This was a shock to me as we hadn’t agreed to anything. We eventually ended up with that accommodation as there was nothing else suitable. It is a lovely house, with a lot of space inside and parking outside the house. There are locked gates leading to the road.
To be picky, after this was booked for us, but before we’d signed the agreement we were told by two or three people who book alternative accommodation that OUR ACCOMMODATION had use of an indoor heated pool. This swayed our decision to accept as the property was so far away from Chris’ work he would have to use the car, leaving my daughter and myself at the property all day. The property is in the middle of nowhere. It is next to a farm, with fields surrounding it in all directions , for miles, with the odd house dotted here and there. The nearest bus route is five plus miles away. I decided we would deal with this as we had the swimming pool which would outweigh the negatives, right?

Wrong! Once the property was fully booked and we’d agreed to the terms and conditions, we found out our accommodation DID NOT have use of the pool. I was fuming as I felt we’d been treated unfairly and misled. We eventually found out we had use of the pool for the first week as there were guests in the other annex the following week. Since then there have been guests in the property every week. We felt so under pressure to sign as there were only a few days until the builders were starting work. With two or three people informing us we had use of the swimming pool we didn’t check the small print for this. We took their word for it and ended up paying the consequences. We are six weeks in and potentially have another six weeks to go. The rebuilding of the floor, kitchen, utility and shower room has now begun. It took between two and three weeks to dry.

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