Building Work: Alternative Accommodation: The Benefits

As I stated previously, our current accommodation is in the middle of nowhere. There is no village shop to walk to and no bus stop around the corner. It is very quiet, most of the time, especially during the day when Chris is at work.
I always try to see any situation from a positive perspective and 9.9/10 times I manage to find one. The first week here we had no internet. The wifi was as bad as it gets. Thankfully that has improved and I can now work and upload videos to YouTube. There is permanently bad phone signal and there is no landline. At home we don’t watch any mainstream TV, just Netflix and YouTube through a computer. We were pulled right out of our comfort zone! But, it was a great first week. We had use of the swimming pool. Some days my daughter and I were swimming twice a day. I improved my breast stroke, started to learn to swim on my back and became used to putting my head under the water. I do have a small phobia of getting a lot of water on my face and over my head, so this was all a great achievement and I am very proud of myself! We used the hot-tub after each swim, which resulted in less painful joints the following day.
The thing I have gained since is an abundance of time for reflection. Many random thoughts have been filtering through my mind. Usually at home I wouldn’t have had as much time to contemplate why they had risen to the surface. I would have given them brief aknowledgement. Now I am mentally dealing with so many past events, situations and conversations. It really helps to do this. You can get a feel for where you are with your life, work and relationships. You can assess anything in your life and decide if anything needs changing, removing. Quiet time enables new ideas to flow into your mind.
Having quiet time is good, it’s okay to just ‘Be’. Society has a way of making us busy, there is always something to do. It feels as though we always have to be ‘doing’ something or we are seen as lazy in the eyes of others. People without a job are judged badly as they aren’t functioning ‘normally’ within society and deemed as a burden to those who do work. Not everyone is able to work. Those that can’t, with chronic medical conditions, whether they are physical or mental in nature are dealing with conditions which need careful management to keep an even balance. People with physical medical conditions must maintain a balance to stay on top of pain and fatigue. If they go beyond boundaries it can take weeks, months, or those with chronic fatigue/ or M.E may even take years or NEVER get over just ‘doing’ that little bit more. So, never feel bad for those quiet moments when you are contemplating whatever drifts through your mind. This goes for everyone, whether you have a medical condition or not.

We do have busy times here, everything in balance! We go back to our house on the weekend to see Ben and the pets. We clean the guinea pigs cages and give them all a treat. It takes longer to do things as the drive into town is around twenty minutes. We need to make sure to remember everything we need as it is too far away to pop to the shops for a pint of milk!
I will enjoy the increased quiet times I have now, as when the house is ready to move back into it will be manic for a while. I can’t wait to see the kitchen back to how it looked when we first moved it.

Link to the House Tour video:

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